If you think no one’s watching…you’re probably wrong

When and if you ever are in a position which requires you to represent an organization, you should just assume everything you say and do is being recorded, monitored, documented in some way. Although this might sound a little ridiculous at first, it only takes a moment to completely wreck your reputation and in turn effect … More If you think no one’s watching…you’re probably wrong

Of the people, for the people

Grassroots campaigns are found in many shapes and sizes. Political, environmental, sociocultural- you name it and there is probably a “grassroots” campaign that represents that cause. I put “grassroots” in quotations because the authenticity of some grassroots campaigns are dubious. For example, in many political campaigns powerful opinion leaders and contributors of wealth disguise campaigns … More Of the people, for the people

The perks of partnerships

This week in my J453 class we discussed corporate social responsibility and the topic got me thinking about different methods that corporations use to spread the wealth. As someone who is interested in nonprofit communication, the subject of CSR revealed a plethora of opportunities pertaining to nonprofits. A common ways that corporations practice social responsibility … More The perks of partnerships

Does Trump Impact my Uterus?

Newly elected president Donald J. Trump has declared his intentions to repeal the Affordable Care Act, often called ObamaCare, including access to affordable birth control. His administration is already hard at work planning the amendment of the ACA. Trump’s secretary of health and human services, Rep. Tom Price, expressed opposition toward the idea of free contraception and stated that women … More Does Trump Impact my Uterus?